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Landscape design for any small garden space, either courtyard or enclosed garden is something that requires a wise hand. A courtyard will get its direct light at only certain times if at all. So not only to plants have to be chosen for their ability to survive without direct sunlight, but also to bring a sense of light and space to the garden.

Not only can we help you decide on a layout for your courtyard, but also supply the plants, pot and planters. As well as supply and lay any new paving.

We can offer a complete service, call us for a discussion of what you have, what you need and what we can do for you. We have done just this for countless clients across Suffolk.

Garden Landscape Design is just as important in a contained garden, be it a courtyard or a garden that has been entirely paved.

Not only can we carry out all of the paving that you want or need, but with our garden landscape design experts we can create a beautiful space that is also functional and easy to maintain.

Garden Landscape Design Suffolk
Garden Landscape Design, Suffolk, in Courtyards and entirely paved gardens

Gardening Hint: When filling containers with compost, mix in a good quality swell gel to retain water for longer. Just remember not to fill too close to the top or it will overflow, often dramatically.

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