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Landscaping throughout the Suffolk area.

Grass cutting:

     However large your lawn, we will give it a professional, glorious finish. Striped or plain, we can give it an expert trim with neatly clipped edges. For less managed grassy areas we can cut the grass simply, quickly and leaving it as you like it.

  Garden Maintenance Suffolk

Lawn Care:

     British gardens are famed around the world for their beautiful lawns (probably down to the British weather), we are experts in ensuring that your lawn is beautiful, healthy and luscious green throughout the year.


     Properly done, pruning encourages growth in plants. Apart from the aestetics of nicely pruned foliage, it ensures good health in your shrubbery. Inept hacking at plants leaves them with ugly scars and open to infection.

Border maintenance:

     Our teams are well trained and experienced at ensuring that your borders and beds are maintained to the standard you should expect from such experts. Both ensuring the health of your plants and the richness of the soil.

Weed / pest control:

     We are able to keep weeds and pests under control in your garden, using the right tools for the right job. With our years of experience we are able to stop weeds and pests in their tracks without harming the rest of the garden.

Stump removal:

     We offer a full stump removal system. Anyone who has removed a tree from their garden will know the chore that dealing with a leftover stump. Stumps can also harbour diseases and parasites which can attack living tree, not to mention potentially poisonous fungi.

We have the skills and equipment to fully remove a stump from your lawn and leave nothing but smooth pristine turf. Contact us for more information.

Gardening Hint: Learn about your flowers. Many flowers have unique characteristics which should be learnt so that you get the best from them. How much water they need, how often to dead-head or prune, what neighbouring plants they tolerate. It can take a lifetime to learn everything, but a quick bit of research can save you a lot of time and dead plants.

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